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Color Visualizer

28 Gauge Galvalume or Galvanized

Please note that the colors shown below are approximations of the actual colors and are not 100% accurate. A red dot () identifies colors also available in 26 Gauge Galvalume.

Bright White (WH)

Light Stone (LS)

Beige (BG)

Clay (CL)

Tan (TN)

Bone White (BW)

Ash Gray (AG)

Pewter Gray (PG)

Charcoal (CH)

Bronze (BZ)

Scarlet Red (SR)

Barn Red (RD)

Colonial Red (CR)

Burgundy (BU)

Brown (BN)

Gold (GL)

Patina Green (PA)

Avocado Green (AV)

Forest Green (FG)

Evergreen (EG)

Slate Blue (SB)

Gallery Blue (GB)

Dark Blue (DB)

Black (BL)

Copper Penny (CP) *

* Only available with standard panels